Bacliff Volunteer Fire Department

Bacliff Volunteer Fire Department
600 Grand Ave. Bacliff, TX 77518
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History of the Bacliff and the Volunteer Fire Dept.

Bacliff was established in 1910 by local landowners G.C. Perkins and W.Y. Fuqua as Clifton-by-the Sea. The area was developed as a seaside weekend resort, and included parks, hotels, summer homes, and a bathhouse and open air  pavilion built on a pier over the water. Bacliff, originally called Clifton-by-the-Sea, began as a seaside resort town. Located on the western shore of Galveston Bay, Bacliff, along with San Leon and Bayview, are the largest unincorporated communities on the Galveston County mainland.  In 1933, Clifton-by-the-Sea was home to 50 residents and 2 businesses,  and from 1940-1949 it was home to 100 residents and 4 businesses. After World War II the area expanded as it became home for workers of  the nearby petrochemical plants. The expansion of the area required the  establishment of a post office in 1948. The U.S. Postal Service  refused to allow the name Clifton-by-the-Sea to be used due to its  length, and the name Clifton was already in use by another Texas town,  so the residents chose the same name as the subdivision at the center of  business, Bay Cliff, as a replacement. However, the name was misspelled  on the postal paperwork as Bacliff. The new name had only seven letters so it was admissible.

The Fire Department was then established.
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